The socio-economic impact of Malpensa airport


SEA has drawn up a platform of socio-economic impact indicators generated in the Lombardy Region, the Province of Varese and the neighbouring hinterland by Malpensa airport.

One study analysed all forms and types of impact, both static – therefore connected to the presence, role, performance and size of the airport – and of a developmental nature, therefore related to the cycles and trends which the airports have significantly impacted and will impact in the future in the affected localities.

On-site direct impact

A fundamental driver of develompment for the Lombardy region

The SEA Group is a fundamental driver of development for the Lombardy region.

This is true particularly for the municipalities neighbouring the airports, which benefit in a continuous and stable manner from the economic advantages provided by employment and the distribution of added value devolving to the families of SEA personnel and of all other companies and entities which operate within the airport system.

Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance structure is voluntarily based (as SEA is not a listed company) on the recommendations and principles of the “Self- Governance Code for listed companies” of Borsa Italiana.

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