Energy saving and sustainable mobility

The actions taken by SEA to reduce CO2 emissions fall principally within the energy saving and sustainable mobility policies.

Energy saving

SEA has taken actions in the areas of lighting, air conditioning and innovation. The lighting actions concerned both technological improvements, with the replacement of internal and external lights and operational improvements such as the turning-off of lights at night in places not utilised or the turning-off of runway lights on runways not used for noise reduction or maintenance activities.

Climate change and greenhouse gas emissions

In 2009 ACI Europe (Airport Council International), in order to promote the contribution of the airports towards the fight against climate change, launched an initiative called Airport Carbon Accreditation: SEA and the principal European airport operators voluntarily committed to this project. The project required the introduction of a series of actions for the control and reduction of direct and indirect CO2 emissions by airport managers, operators, aircraft and by all those working within the airport system.

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