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In 2012 the “ViaMilano” service was consolidated from a communication and distribution viewpoint, in relation to the “value proposition” for passengers and the improvement of the operating procedures. The totality of these actions enabled the reaching of over 200,000 ViaMilano transits.

Among the additional services offered to passengers utilising “ViaMilano”, we highlight:

Complaint management


In order to provide a comprehensive and coherent response to all requests, complaints and alerts were closely reviewed and forwarded to the relevant SEA personnel or to airport body personnel or those employed by the numerous companies operating at the airport.

Customer Satisfaction


Global satisfaction level of passengers in 2012

The analysis of Customer Satisfaction concerning services provided at the airports managed by SEA in 2012, conducted by SWG, reports a stable passenger satisfaction level overall at Linate and Malpensa, at very strong levels (96% at Linate and 97% at Malpensa for the number of passengers declaring overall satisfaction with their airport experience).


Airport Passenger Contingency Plan


On conclusion of the 2012/2013 winter season, the Airport Passenger Contingency Plan reached its third year from start up in October 2010.

The weather events which resulted in a reduction in airport operating capacity, although reduced on the two preceding years, further confirmed the efficacy of the structure.

Persons with Reduced Mobility services


From July 2008 SEA implemented all aspects of Regulation (EC) 1107/06 and the relative ENAC circular which allocated to the airport management companies the responsibility for Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) and the duty to provide assistance to such passengers. From this point, the service was no longer provided under a competitive system, but rather as a centralised service renumerated under a tariff applied to all departing passengers. For both airports, in 2012 assistances provided by SEA increased (more than 70,000 at Malpensa and more than 44,000 thousand at Linate).

Quality of service provided to passengers


At a European level, flight punctuality – both arriving and departing – in 2012 improved on the monthly data of the previous year. Over 83% of flights were punctual both in departure and arrival, with an improvement of more than approx. 2.5 percentage points compared to the same period of 2011.


In 2012 with departing passenger flight punctuality at 85%, Malpensa improved its performance by over 2 percentage points compared to 82.7% in 2011.

Services Charter


The airport Services Charter is an instrument created to establish the service quality level which the airport manager guarantees to passengers.

Through this document, the management of SEA – together with the airlines and companies which provide services to passengers – communicates to passengers the quality objectives under which specific commitments have been undertaken in relation to the level of services offered.



The SEA Group objective is to guarantee continued improvement in the level of services provided to its airport clients, both directly by SEA and by other independent operators within the airports and which impact upon the customer experience.


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