Corporate Governance codes


Organisation and management model as per Legislative Decree 231/01

This was approved by the Board of Directors of SEA on 18/12/2003 following the issue of Legislative Decree 231/01 enacting the “Regulation of the responsibility of legal persons, of companies and of associations, also without legal personality”.

SEA and its subsidiaries have adopted the necessary and appropriate measures to amend and improve the “Mapping of risks” and the model in place, to prevent the committal of offenses established by the legislature.

In 2012 training was carried out concerning the Organisational and Operating Model as per Legislative Decree 231/01, involving 0.9% of the workforce.

Ethics Code

The code defines the ethical and moral standards of the Company, indicating the conduct guidelines to be fulfilled by personnel and the members of the Corporate Boards – both within the company and in external relations and with other companies and the market.


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