Shareholding structure



azionisti titolari 

Public shareholders  
14 entities/companies Milan Municipality 54.81%
  Varese Province 0.64%
  Municipality of Busto Arsizio 0.06%
  Other public shareholders 0.14%
Total   55.65%
Private shareholders (*)    
  F2i Sgr 44.31%
  Other private shareholders 0.04%
Total   44.35%
(*) 524 shareholders. Based on Consob communication No. 4059866, SEA is excluded from the list of issuers of securitiesSourcee: SEA

SEA holds controlling shareholdings in the companies listed below, upon which direction and coordination is exercised in accordance with Article 2497 and subsequent of the Civil Code:

Company Country of incorporation/location % of share capital
SEA Energia Italy, Segrate (MI) 100.00
SEA Handling Italy, Somma Lombardo (VA) 100.00
Consorzio Malpensa Construction Italy, Milan 51.00


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