Waste management


Waste produced through airport office management, aircraft cleaning, infrastructure maintenance and commercial and catering activity are largely in line with that produced in general urban areas and are broken down into:

  • municipal solid waste 
  • special, hazardous and non-hazardous waste 
  • organic waste.

Waste by type


Source: SEA

The overall production of waste, amounting to 5,497 tonnes at Malpensa and 2,658 tonnes at Linate, confirms the reduction seen over recent years; this reduction is in line with the area control policies and the progressive restructuring of the operating methods (for example: outsourcing of services).

Separated collection

In 2012 the SEA Group confirmed its commitment to separated waste collection at the Linate and Malpensa airports; currently separated waste concerns: paper, cardboard, wood, glass, plastic, metal, toner, organic waste. Separated waste management was introduced also to the areas of the airport open to the public.

Linate - Separated waste (tonnes)

Linate - Separated waste (tonnes)

Source: SEA

Separated waste management as defined by Article 183, paragraph 1, Letter P of Legislative Degree 152/2006 was achieved in Linate for 43.0% of waste in 2012 (27.7% in 2011 and 24.3% in 2010) and in relation to Malpensa for 34.5% in 2012 (while amounting to 32.4% in 2011 and 30.7% in 2010).

Malpensa - Separated waste (tonnes)

Separated - Malpensa

Source: SEA

Following these actions, the separated waste management at Linate increased, while remaining substantially in line at Malpensa.

The separated waste performance at the airports managed by the SEA Group compares with 2011 as follows: at Milan Malpensa -8.65% for paper, +2.53% for organic waste, +4.35% for glass and cans, - 29.00% for wood, -33.33% for toner and -14.81% for plastic packaging, and at Milan Linate +14.29% for bulky waste, +16.29% for paper, +28.57% for organic waste, +28.57% for glass, +10.00% for plastic and metal and +18.18% for wood.

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