Air quality in the Malpensa area

To ensure effective air quality control the Regional environmental protection agency of Lombardy (ARPA) monitors on a daily basis the presence of atmospheric pollutants across the entire region through 158 monitoring stations.

The average monthly nitrogen dioxide (NO2) figures and of the particle PM10, established by the daily results published by ARPA for the Malpensa area are collated from the 3 monitoring stations in the immediate vicinity of the airport (Ferno, Lonate Pozzolo, Somma Lombardo) and from the other stations located in urbanised areas (Busto Arsizio, Gallarate, Varese).

Intensive monitoring campaign of the air quality at Malpensa

In 2012 Arpa Lombardia conducted, together with the Municipalities of the Consorzio Urbanistico Volontario (CUV) surrounding Malpensa airport, an intensive monitoring campaign of the air quality throughout the year. The monitoring focused on evaluating the possible presence in the atmosphere of substances potentially harmful to health, not concerning just pollutants normally seen at the monitoring stations but also micro-pollutants such as volatile organic material, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) in a particulate phase and aldehyde.

Between October 20, 2011 and August 30, 2012, four intensive campaigns were carried out, in addition to the usual institutional monitoring. Four additional campaigns were carried out in parallel with mobile laboratories, in two months of the winter and summer, within the municipalities of Arsago Seprio, Samarate, Golasecca and Vizzola Ticino.

Malpensa and motorway network emissions compared to the provincial total
Malpensa and motorway network emissions compared to the provincial total
 Aeroporto MXPRete autostradale
  % %
SO2 6.9% 0.2%
NOX 9.1% 14.3%
COV 3.2% 0.9%
CO 7.1% 5.7%
CO2 4.8% 7.7%
PM2,5 0.8% 5.0%
PM10 0.8% 5.8%
PTS 0.7% 6.7%
Source: Arpa Lombardia

The monitoring results demonstrate that there were no significant impacts on the concentration of micropollutants directly or indirectly linked to airport activity emissions.

The data was collected through various techniques and no conduct related to airport activity emerged, while links to vehicle traffic emissions or fuel burning were identified, similar to those emerging from other parts of the region, to varying degrees according to the individual station.

Air quality in the Linate area

For Linate the average monthly values for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and the particle PM10 are considered, established by monitoring stations in the immediate vicinity of the airport (Limito-Pioltello and Milano- Parco Lambro) and of other stations in urban areas (Milano-Città Studi, Milan-Marche, Monza, Vimercate).

Overall, based on the range of data collected from the areas neighbouring the two Milan airports, over the years – although the airports comprise a significant source of emissions – no significant differentiation exists between the quality of air compared with other areas of the provinces.

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