Energy saving and sustainable mobility

The actions taken by SEA to reduce CO2 emissions fall principally within the energy saving and sustainable mobility policies.

Energy saving

SEA has taken actions in the areas of lighting, air conditioning and innovation. The lighting actions concerned both technological improvements, with the replacement of internal and external lights and operational improvements such as the turning-off of lights at night in places not utilised or the turning-off of runway lights on runways not used for noise reduction or maintenance activities.

The optimisation of the plant management software involved, in addition to the air conditioning, the baggage/cargo and passenger movement plant. LED lighting and high efficiency motors were also introduced.

The interventions at both airports resulted in energy savings of 13,589 MWh in 2010 (-7.7% compared to 2009), of 8,353 MWh in 2011 (-5.1% compared to 2010) and of 1,080 MWh in 2012 (-0.7% compared to 2011), for a total saving over the three years of 23,022 MWh (-13.0% compared to 2009).

Sustainable mobility

The following initiatives are also in progress:

  • the planning, together with Trenord, of the rail extension from Malpensa 1 to Malpensa 2 in order to lessen the impact from vehicle traffic from the airport;
  • electric car projects such as:
    e-vai – e-vai car sharing service to Linate and Malpensa (introduced by Trenord with Sems). At each airport, four electric cars with the charging posts are in place.
    Air-side company fleet – the electrically driven fleet comprises 372 vehicles (approx. 27% of all vehicles), in particular mini-tractors for the movement of baggage and loading/unloading vehicles and currently operations are in progress to attain electric runway buses from the German company Cobus.

Repair and replacement actions are in progress concerning 400 electrically charged service vehicles in the A, B and multi-space segments (currently Fiat 600, Fiat Punto and Fiat Doblò), utilised both by ramp personnel to operate alongside the aircraft berth and by security both inside and outside the airport.


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