The SEA environmental policy

The SEA Group combines respect and protection of the environment with its development strategies.

The Group has therefore established an environmental policy based on the following principles:

  • comprehensive compliance with regulatory provisions; 
  • an ongoing commitment to improving the environmental performance; 
  • education and involvement of all parties involved in the airport system on environmental issues; 
  • continuous monitoring and checking of areas which concern interaction with the ecosystem; 
  • a highly developed system of listening and communication with a wide range of external actors to ensure transparency and sharing on environmental issues;
  • identification of the sources and control of CO2 emissions produced – both directly and indirectly (through the involvement of the stakeholders) – as part of the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions according to the objectives set under international agreements and European directives.

The commitment of the SEA Group towards sustainable development and reduced environmental impact has required in recent years the progressive integration of key environmental protection issues to the organisational, strategic and financial management of the company. In compliance with international principles on environmental protection, SEA is committed to undertaking a prudent approach in defining and managing socioenvironmental risks.

The priorities identified for the coming years include: 

  • the maintenance of “Carbon Footprint” neutrality through the reduction of energy consumption; 
  • increased usage of renewable resources, apart from the CO2 emission offsetting actions achieved through the acquisition of Carbon Credits.


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