Methodological note

The SEA Group 2012 Sustainability Report (hereafter also the “Group”), in its third edition was prepared according to the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) version 3.1 and the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines & Airport Operators Sector Supplement (Version 3.1/AOSS Final Version) A+ application level.

At the end of the document the GRI Content Index and the self-declaration of the application level of the GRI guidelines are reported, as expressly required.


Reporting principles

Inclusivity, Materiality, Sustainability context

The principal social and environmental impacts of the Group concerning stakeholders are outlined and the relative relations and involvement actions concerning each category of stakeholders are identified.


In relation to the completeness principle, reference should be made to the previous paragraph “Reporting process and scope”.

Report quality principles

Balance The figures are displayed in an objective and systematic manner. The result indicators reflect the assessment of the performance independently of improvements or deteriorations on previous periods.

Comparability, Clarity

The disclosure contains clear and accessible charts, tables and language. The indicators are compared with the two previous years and are commented upon.


The figures are checked by the various department heads.


The document is produced annually.


The document is approved by the Board of Directors and subject to external and independent audit by PricewaterhouseCoopers. This activity focuses on verifying compliance with the preparation principles, as outlined in the present section concerning the conclusion on the self-declared application level of the GRI G3.1 guidelines.

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