SEA stakeholders map


In its role as a manager of public transport infrastructure, SEA is committed to acquiring in a planned and structured manner and correctly evaluating and including in its decision making process the issues which concern its stakeholders.

This is applicable to extension works at terminals, in making available spaces and services to airport operators and in ensuring the maximum synergy between all airport operators to guarantee continuous, safe and efficient flights for passengers.

SEA Group stakeholders map

Stakeholders Map

The identification and mapping of the stakeholders of SEA and the relative strategic approach which the company seeks to adopt in such interactions was established within the “Developing Sustainability Culture” project, with the objective to define the “Sustainability Vision” for the coming 3 years. Management’s work to this point can be broken down into two categories:

  • the identification and role of the stakeholders. Managers have begun to introduce in their evaluations and decision making programmes a multi-stakeholder view of the problems which they encounter, which allows them a more “systemic” vision of the impact of the business decisions taken by them;
  • stakeholder management levers. The objective is to understand which stakeholder relationship levers are practical, according to the vision of managers, and may be easily drawn upon to reach the indicated business objectives.

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