Evaluation of the SEA airport system by retailers


The reputation of SEA and the quality of its relations with “retailer client” stakeholders can be seen in a survey carried out by SWG, the leading market research institute, in 2013. From a panel of 111 internal and external stakeholders, 10 retailers were interviewed.


Quality of the relationship

89% of retailers interviewed stated on average to having contact with a SEA Manager on 5 occasions during the year. 90% consider the relationship with SEA useful or constructive and slightly less than 90% professed strong or sufficient trust in the company.

The opinion expressed in relation to the quality of management is also very complementary.

SEA management evaluation (scale 1-5)


Source: SWG, Survey of SEA Group stakeholders 2013

The correctness and transparency adopted by the company in the management of negotiations and its administrative efficiency were the strongest points in the opinion of the retailers. 

Relations with SEA evaluation (scale 1-5)


Source: SWG, Survey of SEA Group stakeholders 2013

The capacity to reach shared solutions and the compliance of the commercial approach with the user profile of the various airports also received strong scores.


Evaluation of the distinguishing features of SEA

The retailer clients consider SEA a particularly strong driver of regional development and an organisation which is capable of reacting to difficult situations and which possesses a skilful and available staff. The profile of the company among retailers also features a strong belief in SEA’s ability to deal with partners with respect, the recognition of its leadership role in the sector and communication transparency. 

Evaluation of the distinctive features of SEA (scale 1-5)


Source: SWG, Survey of SEA Group stakeholders 2013

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