Suppliers’ opinion of SEA


The reputation of SEA and the quality of its relations with supplier stakeholders can be seen in a survey carried out by SWG, the leading market research institute, in 2013. From a panel of 111 internal and external stakeholders, 13 suppliers were interviewed.

Quality of the relationship

75% of suppliers interviewed stated on average to having contact with a SEA Manager on 5 occasions during the year. 83% of suppliers consider the relationship with SEA useful or constructive and 84% professed strong or sufficient trust in the company.

The opinion expressed in relation to the quality of management is also complementary.

Evaluation of distinguishing attributes of SEA (scale 1-5)

Valutazione del management SEA (scala 1-5)

Source: SWG, Survey of SEA Group stakeholders 2013

According to suppliers, the strongest points concerning relations with SEA are the capacity of the company to clearly and soundly manage its business partners, in accordance with quality standards and the soundness and clarity of negotiations and the company’s ability to establish effective partnerships with its suppliers. The capacity of the company to select suppliers honestly and transparently and according to high quality and contract management efficiency criteria also received very high scores.

Reliability and punctuality of payments also received more than adequate evaluations.

Relations with SEA evaluation (scale 1-5)

Valutazione della relazione con SEA (scala 1-5)

Source: SWG, Survey of SEA Group stakeholders 2013

Evaluation of the distinguishing features of SEA

The suppliers of SEA particularly consider the company as a growth driver for the region, generating wealth and development. Other features which figure prominently in the opinion of suppliers include the capacity of the Group to treat all partners with respect and the competence and availability of its personnel.

Original thinking, the sector leadership and the capacity to seek out new growth and development also received very strong reviews.

Evualation of distinguishing attributes od SEA (scale 1-5)

Se dovesse valutare SEA con un voto da 1 a 10 che voto darebbe?

Source: SWG, Survey of SEA Group stakeholders 2013

Among the aspects which received less than positive feedback concerned the approach to dialogue and meetings with the local community and the timeliness of communication.

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