Sustainable development governance and strategy


The strategic vision of the SEA Group is founded on the sustainable generation of value. This is always considered from a multi-dimensional point of view (economic, environmental and social) and according to the mutual strengthening of the three components. The SEA Group draws up its strategies in such a manner that the resources, actions and instruments deployed in the social and environmental areas are true and proper investments, which can therefore support the proper management of company risk and in the final analysis feed the growth of the organisation.

The planning and decision making governance in relation to sustainable development within SEA is assigned to the Group Sustainability Committee, with the following objectives:

  • to propose to senior management the guidelines for development and the implementation and monitoring of sustainability policies to be integrated into the SEA business model;
  • to oversee, within the approved guidelines, the mapping of the principal stakeholders and the proposal of objectives and means for the involvement of such stakeholders in the drawing up of the companies choices or their implementation;
  • to ensure the development of synergies between the initiatives of the relevant departments put in place or considered significant for the achievement of the sustainability objectives;
  • to ensure, in line with the defined objectives and in maximisation of the synergies with the disclosure and operating processes already in place, the establishment of a reporting model which incorporates the sustainability performances and the oversight of its functioning;
  • to monitor the development of the significant corporate performance indicators in terms of sustainability and to propose any corrective actions.



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