Investments in projects and social initiatives

The SEA Group considers the balance between the economic and surrounding social environment of utmost importance and is committed to a frank and on-going dialogue with local bodies and in relation to the issues which the local communities have expressed concern upon over the years.

Particular importance is placed on relations with the Municipality of Milan, the CUV (neighbouring) Municipalities, the Province of Varese and the relative civic groups, with the Park of Ticino Management Board, with important Milan-based cultural and artistic activities and with non-profit operators and the educational system.

Donations and Corporate Citizen projects 2010-2012 (euro)
  2010 2011 2012 Total 2010-2012
Totale donations 1,006,670 1,020,978 792,253 2,819,901
of which: culture/education 843,310 970,086 690,020 2,503,416
of which: sporting events 14,000 15,000 12,000 41,000
of which: environmentale projects 45,680 - - 45,680
of which: social/health 103,680 35,892 90,233 229,805
Corporate Citizenship projects - 178,000 228,921 406,921
Total donations 1,006,670 1,198,978 1,021,174 3,226,822
Source: SEA

The majority of donations concern the support of cultural initiatives, in particular support of the La Scala Foundation of Milan. SEA in fact is a founding Member of the Foundation and as such actively participates in pursuit of the promotion of musical culture throughout the world, supporting the national artistic heritage and improving its quality level, and taking part in the artistic life of La Scala.

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