The socio-economic impact of Malpensa airport


SEA has drawn up a platform of socio-economic impact indicators generated in the Lombardy Region, the Province of Varese and the neighbouring hinterland by Malpensa airport.

One study analysed all forms and types of impact, both static – therefore connected to the presence, role, performance and size of the airport – and of a developmental nature, therefore related to the cycles and trends which the airports have significantly impacted and will impact in the future in the affected localities.

On-site direct impact

The various economic activities at Malpensa in 2012 numbered 1,457. Growth of approx. 7.3% is reported on 2011 (1,357).

The proportion of off-site suppliers totalled 63.6% of the total of mapped economic activities, in line with 2011. All enterprises which have not continuously located a proportion of personnel at the airport are considered “offsite suppliers”. The largest categories concern 111 airlines, 104 shop/sales points and 101 shipping agents.

Malpensa – Economic activities related to airport management
Type of activity Number of operators
Car rental 11
Banks 5
Bars and Restaurants 10
Cargo and Handling 32
State Bodies 31
Various Bodies 19
Off-site suppliers (*) 929
Shops/sales points 104
Refuelling 8
Tourist and passenger services 45
Shipping agents 101
Transport 8
Airlines 111
Security 21
Grand total 1,457
*) 384 of which are direct suppliers of SEA Source: LIUC

Employment impact

In 2012 the number of jobs related to on-site economic activity at Malpensa airport totals 16,617, in addition to 3,784 further jobs related to SEA suppliers and third party enterprises operating onsite.

Persons directly employed by SEA numbered 3,378.

Value of production generated

The value of production relating to on-site economic activity amounted to nearly euro 2,776 thousand. Of this, 13% is directly produced by SEA.

The added value is calculated as the sum of the sector employment and productivity, while the value of production is the sum of the added value and final sector prices.

The overall direct effects produced by Malpensa totalled euro 7,146 million of production value generated and nearly 55,000 jobs.

Indirect economic impact

Based on the direct effects, it is possible to calculate the indirect economic effects generated by the airport utilising multipliers (respectively the Leontievian and Keynesian multipliers) produced by regionalised input/output tables. The total value (direct, indirect and causal) of the production generated through airport activities at Malpensa totals euro 1.2 billion, while employment created exceeds 87,000 jobs.

Malpensa – Value of production and direct and indirect employment at the airport
  Direct Indirect Causal Total
Multiplier   0.4 0.64  
On-site effect 2,775.79 775.87 1,251.80 4,803.46
Off-site effect 4,370.42 1,221.59 1,970.94 7,562.95
Total effect 7,146.20 1,997.46 3,222.75 12,366.41
  Employment (thousands)     
On-site effect 16,617 6,804 4,132 27,552
Off-site effect 38,256 13,705 8,323 55,502
Total effect 54,874 20,509 12,454 87,837
Source: LIUC



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