Employee benefits and company Welfare


The governance of Welfare SEA was implemented in 2012 through an innovative model which integrates the various components involved in the provision of services to Group personnel. In addition to the presence of SEA and the Cassa Assistenza Integrativa (Health Fund), in April a new bilateral governance body was introduced with the merger of the two Employee Recreational Centres of Linate and Malpensa and the creation of the Noisea Association, a body which manages the recreational and instructional activities.

In relation to SEA, new initiatives were introduced:

  • The Seniors Help Desk, which through a web platform and telephone channel, provides useful support and information for those encountering problems and emergencies related to the assistance of seniors, persons with chronic illnesses and the disabled; 
  • a listening and assistance service carried out by qualified social workers for the management of serious family, psychological and financial problems.

Access to the “SEA for you” welfare services

In the 2010-2012 three-year period, despite the overall reduction in the workforce, the number of persons benefitting from Welfare initiatives increased.

The following table summarises the access to company welfare services by employees (full-time and part-time) over the last three years.

“Sea per te” – Access to services 2010-2012
Initiative Beneficiaries
  2010 2011 2012
Study grants 912 911 925
Trips for the elderly 58 68 81
Gift Vouchers 2,421 2,454 2,472
Anti-flu injections 431 448 266
Home-work transport 320 167 308
Social services (personal loans) 462 526 574
Summer centres 331 366 396
Thermal care 133 138 103
Health Fund (check-up) 444 600 556
Health Fund (general) 3,879 3,674 2,869
Accident insurance 17 14 5
Flexible hours (annual average data) 865 785 795
Part-time mother (annual average data) 114 118 118
Medical visits 776 362 313
Source: SEA

Parental leave

The data relating to the right and usage of voluntary leave is also based on the right, established by SEA welfare, for all mothers to benefit from a reduction of working hours to 5 hours a day until their children reach five years of age and the drawing up of a work schedule which ensures, even after a first appraisal, a correct balance between work and home life.

Right and usage of voluntary leave
Company   Women Men
SEA Right 196 231
  Usage 91 128
SEA Handling Right 256 301
193 174
Source: SEA

The following table relating to parental leave (excluding voluntary leave) highlights:

  • nearly all users return on schedule to work after the birth of their child; 
  • fathers extensively utilise the option and increasingly assist mothers in taking care of children; 
  • only in one percent of cases was the absence followed by a different form of absence.

Pension plan

The Pension Fund of Società Esercizi Aeroportuali – FONSEA, an individual complementary Pension Fund for employees of the participating companies provides a complementary pension to the obligatory pension, in accordance with Legislative Decree No. 252 of 5/12/2005.

Pension Fund  2011 2012
Number of subscribers  4,825 4,828
Net pension assets (millions)  125 138
Fund yield  3.52% 3.59%
Source: SEA

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