Involvement and information


As part of the investments undertaken over the last three years for the development of internal communication channels and the review of work processes, in 2012 SEA implemented innovative solutions in the human resources area.

In 2012 the experience of SEIinSEA saw the development of access to the intranet platform through the creation of a new portal – e.point ( – dedicated to all Group employees.

The portal provides a flexible and effective communication channel for company employees (numbering 4,000 persons), which, due to the nature of the airport business, are based at airports or aircraft stands, without access to a work station with a PC (so-called deskless users).

Under a continuous innovation process and in a 2.0 logic, in the immediate future, SEA is committed to create a new company intranet which, drawing on the experience of SEIinSEA, with a view to integrating with the various experiences achieved over the years, will develop an integrated information, communication, collaboration and knowledge management environment.


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