Professional development

Evaluation of Skills

In completion of the skills assessment process of the Group and in order to draw up personalised development plans, in 2012 the evaluation activity concluded with the provision of certification relating to specific professions through the feedback interview with the individual Managers. The feedback interviews involved, throughout the process, over 4,700 persons within all professional categories.

For Executives and Managers, in 2012 the second evaluation campaign of skills and duties was carried out.

The SEA Professional System and the results from the recording of skills were taken as the starting point for the introduction in 2012 of a project focused on defining professional development paths, in order to improve the skills of individuals and to assist them in their professional development.

The SEA Professional System today covers 145 job categories and 27 professional families.

Professional system numbers
4777 persons surveyed
27 professional families
145 job categories
887 skills recorded
approx. 300 individuals involved in the recording process

In relation to skills pertaining to the individual job categories, professional courses were drawn up for the management of internal mobility, both horizontal and vertical, identifying the relative source and destination job categories, the relative skills and, in particular, the expected level of coverage with regard to key skills for transfer to a new job category.

Performance and career development evaluations by gender

The percentage of employees by gender who have received regular performance evaluations is in line with the previous year regarding Executives and Senior Managers.

In 2013, a project for the allocation of performance objectives to a target group of company Senior Managers is in the kick-off phase.

Employees involved in formalised performance evaluation processes

Employees involved in formalised performance evaluation processes

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