Airport Passenger Contingency Plan


On conclusion of the 2012/2013 winter season, the Airport Passenger Contingency Plan reached its third year from start up in October 2010.

The weather events which resulted in a reduction in airport operating capacity, although reduced on the two preceding years, further confirmed the efficacy of the structure.

Although on the one hand the containment of airport operating difficulties allowed the testing for the third year of the contingency plan, on the other it also allowed the implementation of the online channels (Twitter and the website) to communicate situations of reduced operations and the relative updates, a number of hours in advance.

The potential of Twitter to establish contact with Milan airport passengers was developed thanks to the use also of the websites, although with a lower capacity for timely communication, in the specific “news” and “alert” sections, which in the cases of Contingency communicate also news in relation to the operational state of the SEA airports.


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