Selection of suppliers


The method for the selection of suppliers awarded contracts is based on the following major categories:

  • public tender contracts, awarded following the publication of a tender notice;
  • contracts which, based on their value or, as relating to specific services, are considered according to a specific “best offer” procedure;

In relation to the public tenders, the selection of candidates is based on specific criteria, in addition to the economic – financial and technical capacity of the applicant, in compliance with Legislative Decree 163/2006 or sector regulations, in addition to the principles of competition and transparency.

Total number of contractors

Selection of suppliers

Source: SEA

In relation to the “best offer” contracts, the internal procedures provide for the application of at least five Suppliers, among those included in the Suppliers’ Register in compliance with the principle of rotation and considering their characteristics in line with the offer. For qualified suppliers within goods categories relating to certified areas and for suppliers with a significant or strategic commitment towards SEA, an evaluation during execution of the contract is carried out in which an opinion is drawn up by the internal user managing the contract, which analyses the operational, organisational and conduct profile of the supplier within the supply contract execution. A negative result from the verification results in suspension from the Register for the goods category in the case of serious failure to perform.

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